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Writing Resources-Notes to help writers struggling to start their work

We all run dry of the creative juices. It usually happens at the end of an arduous period or completion of a work you’ve researched and written on. The following are places you might try to start your writing process flowing again. Try these ten places to help you jump-start that next story. 
DIYMFA-A story prompt generator. Give it a look, it’s kind of a game geared toward story writing.
2.Writers Digest Writing Prompts-What can be better than going to the source and getting help. From a bevy of professional writers. They also have a lot of information and resources available to help you with a wide variety of writing needs.
3.Tumblr-A young group serious about writing-give them a look.
4.Writing Prompts that Don’t Suck-600+ ideas. One-liners& snippets of dialogue and word lists-drop a line and hook an idea.
5.Writing Fix-Right Brain/ Left Brain exercises. Choose among types of prompts: story starts, titles, themes, tone, character description, etc.
6.Reddit Writing Prompts Subreddit-Use submitted prompts from other writers. Writing dark—this is the place for you.
7.The Teacher’s Corner-Teacher giving students choice of free or journal writing. Some writing ties to months, events, or history. Maybe we should all be writing of the world and events we live through each day. How else are future generations going to really understand how those events shaped and changed us.
8.Poets and Writers Prompts-Different prompts each week. Creative non-fiction, poetry, and one for fiction. It often urges you to think more deeply about the ideas presented.
9.Skimming news and magazines-especially in areas of interest to you. Never know when you’ll uncover a gem.
10. Become a better listener-sometimes someone you meet, a discussion, meeting, film, activity, or event and the people gathered there can be the source or inspiration for a good story. Get out in the world, live, do something different. Your word processer will be waiting for you to bring home a good tale. 

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