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What's Your Story?

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                Who can write____story? When does ____story occur? Why is ____story important?

                                                         The answer to all the blanks is YOUR!

     I've never considered myself anymore than a storyteller. I'm creating this site to promote my own fictional work in Mystery, Westerns, and Science Fantasy. But during my journey I learned we need to help others both writers and ordinary people to not only write but realize they have a responsibility to write about their times. 

     I never thought i'd be promoting memoirs, journals, or diaries, but here I am doing just that. In doing research for my books I've scoured the library of congress, newspapers, and pioneer diaries to get an inkling of what life in those times was like. 

     It's made me realize we all need to write about the events, people, places, and things important to us. A historic event like Kennedy's assination, the Challenger tragedy, or 9/11, touched every man, woman, and child, differently. But unless we all write about where we were, how it made us feel, future people will only have biased or dry news coverage of some reporter devoting a few words to the lives and times we've lived through. Grab a pen or pencil, or sit down and start typing. For the future, write our Story. 

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