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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

In growing an active online community this blog will be along the lines of Journaling or creating a record of times and events that effect our lives. I've always been a fiction writer and poopooed memoir and diary. But our times and lives deserve better than bland news remembrance by some reporter. To that goal I'm dedicating this blog.

September 2021

1. We’re finally leaving Afghanistan after wasting billions of dollars, 25 years, and the lives of thousands of American soldiers. I’m not so upset that we finally gave up on a war we could never win. But like most Americans, I’m mad because of the way we did it. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth knowing we left tanks, missiles, drones, ammunition, and all kinds of equipment behind to arm our enemies.

2. Also, just like Vietnam, we walk away leaving the populace that trusted us to free them from their tyranny. I shudder to think what fate we left our supporters that believed in us to face. God forgive us.

3.I guess this month would be incomplete if I didn’t mention our struggle with covid 19 or “D.” People die every day. Despite news, government edicts, and common sense-there are still people that refuse to get vaccinated. Being one of the susceptible because of my diabetes, I’m thankful my family and friends have all succumbed to the needle.

4. September 15-The argument still rages about removing the statue of Robert E. Lee and other civil war era people because they represent repressive times or beliefs. It stirs the old saying-out of sight, out of mind. We are supposed to be an enlightened society. Symbols like those statues reflect the times and attitudes those people lived through. We should honor Lee for the positive values he portrayed and judge his actions in terms of the years he lived in. Focus should be on the positive aspects he brought to helping our nation through troubled times. He and all the men, yes, Even George Washington and others had blemishes. Like all of us, they were people driven by their times.

5. September 8-the ugly debate of reparations rears its head once more. I and a lot of other people are resentful that any group would declare they are due money because their forefathers were brought to the US and forced to work in slavery. Even some of my ancestors came to this country as indentured servants long before any Blacks arrived to work on the farms. What about the Poles and Irish brought over to work the coal mines, becoming slaves to the mining company store. The Chinese carved the railroad beds, laying ties, to earn their freedom. If we’re going to pay reparation to anyone-it should be the Native Americans we stole the land from.

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